HYBRID EVENT: You can participate in person at Valencia, Spain or Virtually from your home or work.

Welcome Message

Dear congress visitors

Yours Sincerely
Paulo Cesar De Morais
Catholic University of Brasilia

7th Edition of World Nanotechnology Conference

It is an honor and pleasure to write a few welcome notes regarding a key area included into the program. The rapid growing area of Nanobiotechnology represents the crossing point of nanotechnology and biology, while rooted in nanomaterials in both aspects; fabrication techniques and physical properties. The wide pallet of issues included into nanobiotechnology, as for instance nanotheranostics, nanobioimaging and nanotoxicity (to list a few), reveals the expected and unprecedented impact of this area in the coming decades. Cutting-edge topics of nanobiotechnology are scheduled to be included in the program and the presenters’ view shared with the audience during the three-days conference agenda.

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Dear peers

Yours Sincerely
M. R. Mozafari
Australasian Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Initiative

Nanotechnology 2023 | Hybrid Event

As a scientific committee member of Nanotechnology 2023, I would like to welcome you to this inspiring scientific gathering. Nanotechnology, with no doubt, has been the top, fastest growing scientific and technical field. Only during the last decade, several hundred products based on nanoscience and nanotechnology have been launched to the market globally. Even after the viral outbreak of 2019, nanotechnologies came to assist human being in finding ways to prevent the pandemic, boost the immune system of susceptible populations and was used in the design and formulation of several potent vaccines. It can easily be anticipated that nanoscience and nanobiotechnology will continue their significant impact on human and animal health and well-being. Furthermore, these technologies will definitely be highly useful to address the extremely worrying environmental issues. I do hope that you will be able to get the most of this conference and also hope that your interaction with your peers and colleagues will stimulate a creative exchange of ideas towards international scientific collaborations. 

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Dear Colleagues

Yours Sincerely
Sergey Suchkov
Institute for Global Health and Dept for Personalized Medicine & Precision Nutriciology of MGUPP
United States.

7th Edition of World Nanotechnology Conference | Hybrid Event

It gives us a genuine pleasure to extend greetings to everyone attending 7th Edition of World Nanotech-nology Conference planned to be held in September 25-27, 2023, in Valencia, Spain. Being the historical home to Romans, Visigoths and Muslims, Valencia unveils along with the Academic potential a rich artistic heritage, full of art and masterpieces, rooting from the previous civilizations and would pave a Grand Avenue for this Conference as a Monumental Event featuring lots of opportunities to network with partners from the entire World in an exciting environment.
In this context, we being representative of RosBioTech National University (Russia), A.I. Evdokimov State University of Medicine & Dentistry (Russia), Mayo Clinic (USA), and S-P State Chemical Pharmaceutical University (Russia) look forward to welcoming you to the fantastic event integrating the achievements of nanoscience, nanotechnology and nano-education as the Trinity of the next step generation.
The Conference would secure the attracted participation from many of established leaders as well to open a green light for concentrating focus on generating solutions to the field’s challenges. The latter would propose ways to encourage investment in innovation and stimulate the adoption of upgraded engineering to secure the national and international stability and our daily life.
Personally we are proud to be involved into this auspicious event where a large number of world’s leading scientists, researchers, biodesigners and bioengineers, clinicians, industrialists, bioentrepreneours and academicians will be exchanging new research and design-driven ideas and sharing their innovative re-search and experiences in their respective fields. In this context, please look for optimal solutions to pro-mote innovation in life sciences, medicine and healthcare.
In this sense, the theme reflects our willingness and enthusiasm to offer a really innovative and imaginative Program whilst offering attractive lectures and sessions with well-balanced inputs from academia, bioindustry and regulators. The Conference will provide the ideal forum to stimulate ideas and establish collaborations as well as to initiate intense transdisciplinary and targeted international discussions to se-cure projects of the newest generations and to feature a highly interactive, stimulating and multidiscipli-nary Program including workshops, plenary sessions and panel discussions.
We do wish you the most fruitful consultations to be performed at the conference in Valencia and trust in great commitments to be achieved by this professional Forum.
We hope that you will be able to get some glimpses of the greatest Spanish Soul and hope also that your interaction with your colleagues will stimulate a creative exchange of ideas and will be personally reward-ing!

Welcome Message

My dear friends

Yours Sincerely
Devidas Ramrao Patil
Rani Laxmibai Mahavidyalaya

Nanotechnology 2023 | September 25-27

My dear friends of eminence and devotee of science and technology, it’s my great honor and pleasure to welcome you through this special note offered by the organizers of this mega event. There is a strong interest and need in the engineering of synthesis of hybrid nanomaterials having wide band gaps, for the various applications of Laymen at very low cost. Hybrid nanomaterials can be utilized extensively in the fields of sensors, power sectors, medicine, disease diagnosis, agriculture, etc. With a special reference, sensors are utilized for security, safety, food freshness, light detection and ranging, disease diagnosis, monitoring environmental pollution, detection and control of concentration of sprays in agriculture, crop yield, etc. Nowadays, available traditional type semiconducting gas sensors have some problems, viz. limitations of sensing the gases below Threshold Limit Value, high cost, difficulties in availability, etc. Most of the researchers are taking efforts in developing the sensor models. For large applicability to Laymen, features of the sensors must be improved, viz. high response at trace level of the gas (ppm, ppb or even sub-ppb level), quick response-recovery profile, longer life time, long-term stability, high selectivity to a particular gas among the mixture of gases, low cross sensitivity, very specific sensor location judgment, low cost, low power consumption, portable in size, etc. These features mainly depend on and co-related with crystallite size, thickness of sensor, nature of additives and their concentrations, microstructures and nanostructures, temperature, etc. 

Also, nowadays, people have very busy schedule and they prefer the foods and junk foods in readily available packets. The packets are not stored as per the directions of food storage technology. As a result, the foods are degraded in somewhat proportions. On consumption of such degraded foods, people may suffer from diarrhoea, indigestion, stomach disorders, vomiting, acidity, headache, body ache, food poisoning, etc. So, it is today’s need to detect the degree of degradation of such readily available foods in the markets. 

I am sure that, if the hybrid materials can be tailored in size and shape, it can change all the properties tremendously and may fulfill the needs of society at a very low cost. Wishing you all the best and contribute for the grand success of this mega event. Thanks lot for your precious time.