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Brilliant Windy Khairunnisa, Speaker at Nanomaterials Conferences
Khazar University, Azerbaijan
Title : The future of nanotechnology in the international relations perspective


In this century, nanotechnology has been recognized as a potential knowledge that people competing to learn about it to be beneficial for the world, especially for their own country. Nanotechnology is identified as a potential thing to increase the quality of a nation in the field of economy, society, and politics due to its novelty in the technology world. Nevertheless, a country could not gain its purpose by working by itself without any cooperation with other countries especially if nanotechnology does not come from its nation. In this case, diplomacy has its role to act in developing and gaining national interest in terms of nanotechnology. The purpose of this presentation is to demonstrate the future of nanotechnology in the international relations perspective including economics, social, and political fields by the qualitative explorative method. In addition, it found that nanotechnology would be beneficial for the country to increase its economy, and political quality, as well as for society as a tool to decrease poverty through its technology cooperation among countries. On the other hand, nanotechnology in the future would be a great issue to discuss in international meetings with the main goal to collect and collaborate for the best future technology which also would be beneficial to almost all countries in the world.


Brilliant Windy Khairunnisa is regularly doing research on International Relations topics since 2019. She has published 8 research articles in some journals in the last two years.