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Samuel Chisa Dike, Speaker at Nanomaterials Conference
Rivers State University, Nigeria
Title : Deploying nanotech for sustainable energy transition in Nigeria


Nanotech is a buzz word for  modern technological advancement and breakthroughs globally.This is due to its application and adoption in sectors where conventional  technology could not achieve much progress. Such sectors include but not limited to  Energy, Environment ,Health care Biotechnology among others.Energy is the engine that drives modern development globally.However,  energy development and uses had been seriously implicated in the orgy  of Environmental pollution, Biodiversity depletion  and Climate degradation. It is on account of this  that the global community seeks for a just  energy transition from  the highly  carbonised energy regime to a more sustainable energy governance.

Nigeria's economic development and advancement over the years hinged on energy resouce development, particularly the petroleum sector.Again, the development of this sector in Nigeria had never been without some  negative environmental footprints due to bad resource governance.

Nigeria equally seeks to transit from this ugly past to a more robust energy use and development which is not only sustainable but anchored on  a new set of technology that is  more efficient, and smart .Nanotech with all its innovations and  trappings  promises to be  useful  and handy for Nigeria if the science ,technology and application of Nanotech can be aggressively pursued through  a deliberate  injection and development of Nano legal and regulatory framework at a more commercial level.

This paper seeks to examine the  hindrances to the commercial deployment of Nanotech for meeting Nigeria's quest for a sustainable energy development  in the light of a just energy transition scenario advocated globally.


Prof S.C.Dike is a Professor of Energy and Comparative Environmental Law of the Rivers State University,Port Harcourt,Nigeria. He is the President of Association of Environmental Lawyers of Nigeria and also a legal Practitioner and Notary Public of the Supreme Court of Nigeria with over 35 years experience in and out of court practice. Prof Dike has well over 100Published papers both nationally and internationally. He has also delivered many papers in Conferences in Europe and America.He is also a Rotarian and member of many professional associations such as Energy Institute UK .