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Bienvenu Gael Fouda Mbanga, Speaker at Nanotechnology Conferences
Nelson Mandela University, South Africa
Title : Novel development of zinc oxide coated zarbon nanoparticles from pineapples leaves using sol gel method for optimal adsorption of Cu 2+ and reuse in latent fingerprint.


This study underlined a latest approach of preparing Nitrogen carbon nanoparticles fused on zinc oxide nanoparticle nanocomposite (N-CNPs/ZnONPs nanocomposite) for the uptake of copper ions (Cu2+) from wastewater using a sol gel method and apply the metal loaded adsorbent in latent fingerprint application. N-CNPs/ZnONPs nanocomposite proved to be a good sorbent for the optimal adsorption of Cu2+ at pH 8 and 0.05 g dosage. Langmuir isotherm best fitted the process with the maximum adsorption capacity of 285.71 mg/g that was superior to most value reported in other studies for the removal of Cu2+. At 25 oC, the adsorption was spontaneous and endothermic. Furthermore, Cu2+-N-CNPs/ZnONPs nanocomposite revealed to be sensitive and selective for latent fingerprint (LFP) identification on a variety of porous surfaces. As a result, it is an excellent identifying chemical for latent fingerprint recognition in forensic science.


Dr Bienvenu Gael Fouda-Mbanga Is a young research scientist from South Africa and originally born in Cameroon. He did his PhD at the University of Johannesburg on environmental chemistry with a topic named ” Synthesis and Characterization of Carbon Dots Coated Al2ONanofibers Nanocomposite for Pb2+ ion Adsorption and Reuse for Latent Fingerprint Detection” which he completed in 2020. His research interests include analytical techniques such as spectroscopy, samples preparation, nanotechnology. Besides being a young researcher, He is also passionate about teaching and motivational speakert. “Knowledge is power”, “ People perish because of lack of knowledge” hence he like seeing people attaining their goals academically by providing them quality education.