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M R Mozafari, Speaker at Nanoscience Conferences
Keynote Presentation
M R Mozafari, Australasian Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Initiative, Australia

As a major challenge in the medical field, drug delivery into the brain presents a serious problem in drug development, due to the repulsion by the blood-brain barrier (BBB). Consequently, chemotherapeutic agents cannot penetrate deeply into the brain parenchyma. Crossing BBB is [....] » Read More

Sergey Suchkov, Speaker at Nano technology conference
Keynote Presentation (In-person)
Sergey Suchkov, Institute for Global Health and Dept for Personalized Medicine & Precision Nutriciology of MGUPP, United States

Traditionally a disease has been defined by its clinical presentation and observable characteristics, not by the underlying molecular mechanisms, pathways and systems biology-related processes specific to a particular patient (ignoring persons-at-risk). A new systems approach to [....] » Read More

Paulo Cesar De Morais, Speaker at Nanotechnology Conferences
Keynote Presentation (In-person)
Paulo Cesar De Morais, Catholic University of Brasilia, Brazil

This plenary talk is addressed to the biodistribution description of a luminescent lipid nanoemulsion and its use as a model to assess the heterogeneous architecture of an implanted solid tumor. Moreover, the talk aims to describe the tumor tissue organization and examine how the [....] » Read More

Alexey Zaikovsky, Speaker at Nanomaterials Conferences
Oral Presentation (In-person)
Alexey Zaikovsky, Kutateladze Institute of Thermophysics, Russian Federation

In connection with the expanding scope of nanomaterials, the development of methods for the synthesis of nanomaterials with a given composition, structure, and properties is becoming more relevant. The high temperatures and energy densities realized in an electric arc discharge m [....] » Read More

Vladimir G Chigrinov, Speaker at Nanoscience Conferences
Oral Presentation (In-person)
Vladimir G Chigrinov, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong

Photoalignment and photopatterning has been proposed and studied for a long time. Light is responsible for the delivery of energy as well as phase and polarization information to materials systems. It was shown that photoalignment liquid crystals by azodye nanolayers could provid [....] » Read More

Rahul Saha, Speaker at Nanoscience Conferences
Oral Presentation (In-person)
Rahul Saha, National Institute of Technology Hamirpur, India

Chemical and nanofluid flooding schemes in oil reservoirs are promising with potential to recovery higher residual crude oil. Chemical enhanced oil recovery (EOR) is attractive due to its economy whereas nanofluids EOR are evolving technique with improved efficacy in terms of oil [....] » Read More

Nisha Kumari, Speaker at Nanomaterials Conferences
Oral Presentation (In-person)
Nisha Kumari, Central University of Rajasthan , India

In this study, we reported the synthesis optimization of a clay-supported quaternary heterojunction photocatalyst for degradation of an antidepressant drug. Numerous chronic pain syndromes, as well as illnesses including anxiety, depression, panic attacks, eating disorders, phobi [....] » Read More

Nabaa  kamal Badawi, Speaker at Nanoscience Conferences
Oral Presentation (In-person)
Nabaa kamal Badawi, University of Bahri, Sudan

Today nanotechnology and medicinal plant has evolved in true sense by contributing to a very large extent to the food industry. The principle of synthesized Silver nanoparticle is based on the reduction of silver nitrate (AgNO3) by the extract of fenugreek seeds. The nanoparticle [....] » Read More

Monir Shalbafan, Speaker at Nanomaterials Conference
Oral Presentation (In-person)
Monir Shalbafan, Imam Khomeini International University, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

The aim of this work is synthesis of a nano-interpolymer complex based on polyacrylic acid-polyethylene oxide (PAA-PEO) and β-cyclodextrin as a nanocarrier biodegradable drug delivery system. Host-guest method was used to make the nano-interpolymer complex in which beta cycl [....] » Read More

Silvia Stifano, Speaker at Nanomaterials Conference
Poster Presentation (In-person)
Silvia Stifano, Curapath, Spain

PEGylation was one of the first successful technologies able to improve the pharmacokinetic of therapeutic agents and it has been applied in the clinic for more than 25 years. In early studies, PEG has been considered a biologically inert material. However, it can become immunog [....] » Read More

Fernando Rogerio Pavan, Speaker at Nanotechnology Conferences
Poster Presentation (In-person)
Fernando Rogerio Pavan, Sao Paulo State University, Brazil

Tuberculosis (TB) is an infectious disease that affects millions of people annually and resistance to available antibiotics has worsened this scenario. Another particularity of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the main etiologic agent of TB, is its ability to survive inside of macroph [....] » Read More

Andreia Bagliotti Meneguin, Speaker at Nanotechnology Conferences
Poster Presentation (In-person)
Andreia Bagliotti Meneguin, Sao Paulo State University, Brazil

Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) are considered a set of autoimmune disorders characterized by chronic inflammation, mucosal ulcerations, and haemorrhage of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT). 5-Aminosalicylic acid (5-ASA) is the drug of choice in the treatment of mild to moderate [....] » Read More

Mona Mihailescu, Speaker at Nanoscience Conferences
Poster Presentation (In-person)
Mona Mihailescu, Politehnica University Bucharest, Romania

Holographic labels (HL) are smart elements used to secure important documents, credit cards, banknotes, passports, deluxe products. HL have several characteristics that give them the advantage of being difficult to counterfeit due to the combining of several complex scientific kn [....] » Read More

Mona Mihailescu, Speaker at Nanoscience Conferences
Poster Presentation (In-person)
Mona Mihailescu, Politehnica University Bucharest, Romania

The use of different types of nanoparticles (NPs) in biology, medicine, or other life sciences has a special development in recent years. The main challenge consists in understanding the interaction between nanoparticles and different biological components, going down to the subc [....] » Read More

Angyang Yu, Speaker at Nanotechnology Conferences
Poster Presentation (In-person)
Angyang Yu, Harbin Institute of Technology, China

Hydrogen energy has been regarded as the mordern trends towards future energy resource. Above all, hydrogen storage is the most critical aspect of hydrogen energy utilization system. Graphene, as an outstanding representative of carbon-based materials, has become the hot spot for [....] » Read More

Fakhraddin Pasha Abasov, Speaker at Nanomaterials Conferences
Poster Presentation (In-person)
Fakhraddin Pasha Abasov, Institute of Radiation Problems of Azerbaijan Ministry of Science and Education, Azerbaijan

Infrared (IR) absorption spectra are investigated hydrogenated amorphous solid solution films a-Si1-xGex: H (x = 0 ÷ 1) plasma chemical vapor deposition at different partial pressures of hydrogen PH2. Defined force, oscillator, which essentially dependedon PH2. It is shown [....] » Read More

Patil Devidas Ramrao, Speaker at Nanomaterials Conference
Keynote Presentation (Virtual)
Patil Devidas Ramrao, Rani Laxmibai Mahavidyalaya, India

The nanoscaled SnO2, ZnO and SnO2-ZnO nanocomposite powders were prepared by microwave assisted ultrasonication technique by employing centrifuge for collection of dry powders of the materials. Fabrication of the thick films of the pure ZnO and SnO2-ZnO nanocomposite powders were [....] » Read More

Robert Buenker, Speaker at Nanotechnology Conferences
Oral Presentation (Virtual)
Robert Buenker, Princeton University, Germany

The Lorentz transformation (LT) makes three predictions which are not consistent with one another: Lorentz-FitzGerald length contraction (FLC), time dilation (TD) and light-speed equality for observers in relative motion to one another. The LT also stands in violation of the Law [....] » Read More

Raffaele Crispino, Speaker at Nanoscience Conferences
Oral Presentation (Virtual)
Raffaele Crispino, Italian Institute of Technology, Italy

Organ-on-chip have the possibility of mimicking physiological features able to almost completely reproduce the in-vivo organ functionalities. In particular, gut-on-chip permits to study intestinal inflammation, absorption and host-bacteria interaction. Regarding intestine, it is [....] » Read More

Ernst Titovets, Speaker at Nanoscience Conferences
Oral Presentation (Virtual)
Ernst Titovets, Clinical Center of Neurology and Neurosurgery, Belarus

Brain water metabolism ensures the processes of cellular communication, transit of the signaling molecules, neurotransmitters, cytokines, substrates, gases, nutrients and drugs. It carries out important integrative function, participates in clearance of pathogenic metabolites and [....] » Read More

Loganina Valentina Ivanovna, Speaker at Nanoscience Conferences
Oral Presentation (Virtual)
Loganina Valentina Ivanovna, Penza State University of Architecture and Construction, Russian Federation

The regularities of changes in the colloid-chemical state of silica in polysilicate solutions depending on the content of the alkaline sol of silicic acid, the aging time, and the type of alkali metal cations have been established. It was found that with an increase in the conten [....] » Read More

Igor Melynk, Speaker at Nano technology conference
Oral Presentation (Virtual)
Igor Melynk, National Technical University of Ukraine, Ukraine

High Voltage Glow Discharge (HVGD) electron guns are widely used in the advanced branch of industry, including metallurgy, instrument-making and electronics. Such kind of guns can be successfully used for obtaining nanostructurized films and crystals, especially ceramics, which i [....] » Read More

Mohammad Arshad, Speaker at Nanotechnology Conferences
Oral Presentation (Virtual)
Mohammad Arshad, Shaqra University, Saudi Arabia

Pyrrole and methyl anthranilate were copolymerized in different molar ratios in the presence of, H2O2, and FeSO4 at ambient temperature and pressure to obtain efficient conducting copolymers, Ppy-MA. These conducting copolymers, Ppy-MA, were in situ reacted with silver nanopartic [....] » Read More

Gokarneshan, Speaker at Nanotechnology Conferences
Oral Presentation (Virtual)
Gokarneshan, SSM College of Engineering, India

Human-made natural-fber-based flaments are attractive for natural fber-reinforced polymer (NFRP) composites. However, the composites’ moisture distribution is critical, and humidity monitoring in the NFRP composites is essential to secure stability and keep their life span. [....] » Read More

Arvind Kumar Gautam, Speaker at Nanoscience Conferences
Oral Presentation (Virtual)
Arvind Kumar Gautam, National Institute of Technology Hamirpur, India

The molecular simulation technique is a very efficient and significant approach to perform insight study on the thermodynamic and mechanical behaviour of nanomaterials. This approach is helpful to give an appropriate association along with underlying mechanisms at the atomic leve [....] » Read More

Deepika Srivastava, Speaker at Nanomaterials Conference
Oral Presentation (Virtual)
Deepika Srivastava, Patanjali Research Institute, India

Diabetic Mellitus (DM) is a metabolic disorder that affects people worldwide. Diabetes is caused by a shortage of insulin or inadequate insulin synthesis in the pancreas. Diabetes mellitus was anticipated to affect 463 million people in 2019, with this figure expected to climb to [....] » Read More

Dimple Sethi Chopra, Speaker at Nanoscience Conferences
Oral Presentation (Virtual)
Dimple Sethi Chopra, Punjabi University, India

A wound result from disintegration in the defensive function of the skin. Thermal or physical damage to the skin usually involves loss of cohesiveness of the epithelium, with or without loss of underlying connective tissue. The process and duration of healing of wound are crucial [....] » Read More

Ramesh Bhatawdekar, Speaker at Nanotechnology Conferences
Oral Presentation (Virtual)
Ramesh Bhatawdekar, Malaysia University of Technology, Malaysia

Mining is basic economic activity for any nation. Mineral based industries add value to minerals and GDP of the nation. For opencast mining and transportation of minerals, diesel is major cost. Various experimentation is done for use of biodiesel mixing with diesel. Catalyst base [....] » Read More

Manoj Joshi, Speaker at Nanomaterials Conference
Oral Presentation (Virtual)
Manoj Joshi, Sanagm University, India

Development of insecticide resistance against the chemical synthesized insecticides and high operational cost of secondary plant resources as well as other vector controlling strategies, intake a step towards a new controlling tool with urgent basis. The present study was aimed t [....] » Read More

Charu Saxena, Speaker at Nanomaterials Conferences
Oral Presentation (Virtual)
Charu Saxena, Swami Vivekanand Subharti University, India

In this present studies an Emulgel was to develop, characterize and evaluate of sertaconazole nitrate that release the drug in controlled manner. Sertaconazole nitrate is an imidazole derivative, act as fungistatics, fungicidal, antibacterial, anti inflammatory and antipruritic. [....] » Read More

Pooja Yadav, Speaker at Nanomaterials Conference
Oral Presentation (Virtual)
Pooja Yadav, JNARDDC, India

Aluminium isopropoxide (AIP), in the form of a crystalline solid of melting point 127” C, has been shown by X-ray diffraction to be a tetrameric molecular species of formula Al[(p-O’Pr),Al(O’Pr),] consistent with earlier proposals and spectroscopic data. A centr [....] » Read More

Samuel Chisa Dike, Speaker at Nanomaterials Conferences
Oral Presentation (Virtual)
Samuel Chisa Dike, Rivers State University, Nigeria

Africa as a continent is in dire need of sustainable energy. This is premised on the need to extricate majority of the African population from poverty l to economic growth anchored on the deployment of modern sustainable and efficient energy services. There is a proven inverse re [....] » Read More

Christopher Oluwatobi Adeogun, Speaker at Nanotechnology Conferences
Oral Presentation (Virtual)
Christopher Oluwatobi Adeogun, Miva Open University, Nigeria

The following study of Nano-particles has wide industrial as well as applicability in future and hence has received much attention. The purpose of the present paper is to provide and review some researches in this field. The topics are related to the particularity, utility, compl [....] » Read More

Christos Beretas, Speaker at Nanomaterials Conference
Poster Presentation (Virtual)
Christos Beretas, European International University, Greece

Nanotechnology is an excellent science that has made great achievements in recent years. These extraordinary steps which are aimed at the positive steps of research progress, have also created some equal problems, one of them is the violation of human privacy from the use of nano [....] » Read More

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