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Igor Melynk, Speaker at Nanotechnology Conferences
National Technical University of Ukraine, Ukraine
Title : Advantages of Using High Voltage Glow Discharge Electron Guns in Nanoelectronic Production


High Voltage Glow Discharge (HVGD) electron guns are widely used in the advanced branch of industry, including metallurgy, instrument-making and electronics. Such kind of guns can be successfully used for obtaining nanostructurized films and crystals, especially ceramics, which included active gas components. The distinguishing feature of such films and crystals is the high purity and stichometry. Especially effective such king of guns for obtaining the dielectric and piezoceramics films in microelectronic production, as well as for refining of refractory materials and volume 3-D printing technologies. The main advantages of HVGD electron guns are high stability of operation in the soft vacuum, simplicity of construction and realtive cheapness.


Melnyk Igor studied Electronic in Kiev Polytechnical Institute, Ukraine, and graduated as Electronic Engineering in 1989. Then he joined Research Group on Laboratory of Electron Beam Technological Devices, of Kyiv Polytechnical Institute, headed by Denbnovetsky S.V. Melnyk I. received Ph. D. in 1994 and Doctor Degree in 2009 in the same institution. He has published more than 70 research articles in SCI(E) journals.