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Patil Devidas Ramrao, Speaker at Nanomaterials Conference
Rani Laxmibai Mahavidyalaya, India
Title : Highly selective ppm level lpg sensors based on Sno2-Zno nanocomposites operable at low temperature


The nanoscaled SnO2, ZnO and SnO2-ZnO nanocomposite powders were prepared by microwave assisted ultrasonication technique by employing centrifuge for collection of dry powders of the materials. Fabrication of the thick films of the pure ZnO and SnO2-ZnO nanocomposite powders were made by simple technique of screen printing, which involves high temperature firing (450°C) for 30 min duration. The morphologies and topographies of surfaces of various samples, the composition of elements in the synthesized materials as well as crystallographic structure of the pure and doped ZnO powders were studied by the FE-SEM, EDS and XRD techniques, respectively. It has been found that the SnO2 doped ZnO (1 wt%) nanocomposite thick film exhibits crucial response to 100 ppm LPG at 50°C and 100°C. The electrical and gas monitoring characteristics of the pure and SnO2 doped ZnO nanocomposites have been also studied in detail.

Audience Take Away:

  • Awareness will be developed among the audience for the leakage of LPG at kitchens and industries. 
  • Audience will be able to learn about the synthesis of bulk and nanomaterials, their applications in the field of LPG sensing in detail. 
  • Audience will introduce the pollution control, if they know well about the gas sensing, they will be made aware about the hazardous effects of toxic and polluting gases. Audience will be alert in their job from getting knowledge from this presentation. Sure, other faculties or researchers will be able to use this technology in their study, teaching and research. I will help them those who want to do the further work at totally free of cost.


D. R. Patil is the Recognized Research Guide and Director Head of the Bulk and Nanomaterials Research Laboratory, Parola, India, Life Member of Indian Science Congress Association Kolkata, Indian Association of Physics Teachers Dehradun, Society for Materials Chemistry BARC Mumbai, Crystal Research Society, Chennai, Asian Council of Scientific Editors Dubai, Full Member of American Nano Society, etc. His topics of interest are: semiconducting and ceramic gas sensors, photoconducting and photo luminescent materials, nanomaterials, thin and thick film Physics, food freshness, disease diagnosis, etc. He is working as a reviewer for the most reputed journals from Elsevier, ACS, etc. as well as for few international events. Numbers of research scholars across India are working in his laboratory under his supervision. He delivered more than 85 scientific talks in various national and international events. He is fully engaged in research activities in nanotechnology. He is working as the regional editor of the journal “Current Nanotoxicity and Prevention”, USA, Senior Editor of IJRST, India, and TPC member and Reviewer of various international events at USA, Italy, South Korea, Spain, India, etc.