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Seyed Mohammad Pouresmaeily, Speaker at Nanomaterials Conferences
Malek-e-Ashtar University of Technology, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Title : Study of preparation methods and industrial applications nano oleophobic coating


Surface of accessories around us at risk of infection of contacts or deposition of liquids, fat, dust and keep them clean is time-consuming and expensive. Fat pollution is one of the most serious challenges among the manufactures of home appliances and electronics [1]. On the other hand, cleaning the saturated fat frequently requires using chemical detergents that are harmful to the environment. So using oleophobic coatings on the surfaces in addition to reducing time and costs helps environment [2-4].

Producing oleophobic compounds is so important because of applications in life an industry. Oleophobic surfaces uses in wide and different fields for example, in optics for producing high resolution glasses, using oleophobic coatings that cleaning and maintaining get easier. In electronics. Oleophobic coating cause anti-finger point effects on touch screens and improving quality. In addition, oleophobic surfaces could considerable effects in electronics applications such as metal oxides, polymers, ceramics and sensitive parts such as: printer heads, electronic circuits and stainless steels. This technology could be useful as a preservative coatings in medical, dental and surgical instruments and any other surfaces that is in contact with doctors, patients and staffs that prevents growing dangerous bacteria. Also this technology could be used in producing self-cleaning and anti-depose pipes. In addition creating smooth anti corrosion surfaces  is one the other this technology achievements that use in specific weather conditions like coastal cities to build docks, ports, bridges in shipbuilding industry. Also using coatings in different surfaces of home appliances, cause saving costs and time in long times considerably. The most important advantages of these coatings is environment compatibility.


Dr. Seyed Mohammad Pourasmaili is a researcher and researcher in the field of nanomaterials and its applications, who has numerous articles in this field. Among his specialized fields of research, we can mention the field of nanocatalysts and nanocoatings.