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Carbon nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is a multidisciplinary engineering discipline that studies materials on a length scale of 1 to 100 nanometres. A billionth of a nanometre is one nm. A human hair is 70 thousand times thicker than a nm, while a piece of paper is 100 thousand times thicker than a nm. At this length scale, nanotechnology entails the production, imaging, modelling, and manipulation of materials. The characteristics of materials at this length scale are considerably different from those at the bulk scale. Nanotechnology is no longer only a topic of discussion; it is beginning to have an impact on everyone's lives. Carbon nanotechnology has evolved into a fully interdisciplinary field that includes chemistry, physics, biology, medicine, materials science, and engineering as a primary shaper of new nanotechnologies. This is a field in which a significant amount of research has been produced in recent years, and the number of publications continues to rise year after year. Because of their exceptional mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties, carbon nanotubes are one of the most investigated nanomaterials. It is made up of covalently bound carbon atoms in a cylindrical crystalline lattice.

Committee Members
Speaker at World Nanotechnology Conference 2024 - Paulo Cesar De Morais

Paulo Cesar De Morais

Catholic University of Brasilia, Brazil
Speaker at World Nanotechnology Conference 2024 - Hai Feng Ji

Hai Feng Ji

Drexel University, United States
Speaker at World Nanotechnology Conference 2024 - Thomas J Webster

Thomas J Webster

Hebei University of Technology, United States

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