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Nanotech : in other fields

Nanoscale science and engineering is thought to allow diverse science and engineering disciplines to come together. This branch of technology manipulates the molecular structure of materials in order to change their inherent qualities and create new ones with revolutionary applications. Diverse nano domains' convergence has been imagined in a variety of ways, reflecting the top-down and bottom-up approaches to nanotechnology itself. Nanotechnology and its microscopic cosmos open up a slew of new opportunities for science and industry today. According to the Global Nanotechnology Industry, this field, which flourished between the 1960s and 1980s, has exploded in the previous two decades, with a rising global market who’s worth will approach 125,000 million dollars in the next five years. The fact that things behave differently when you get ultra-small is one of the most interesting aspects of working in the nanoworld. Essentially, matter's physical and chemical properties change. Nanoscience has the ability to change the way we live in the world. It has the potential to lead to significant discoveries in a variety of industries, including manufacturing and health care.

Committee Members
Speaker at World Nanotechnology Conference 2024 - Paulo Cesar De Morais

Paulo Cesar De Morais

Catholic University of Brasilia, Brazil
Speaker at World Nanotechnology Conference 2024 - Hai Feng Ji

Hai Feng Ji

Drexel University, United States
Speaker at World Nanotechnology Conference 2024 - Thomas J Webster

Thomas J Webster

Hebei University of Technology, United States

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