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Nano computational modeling

Due to the very demanding and surprising features of nanomaterials and nanosystems, nanoscience and nanotechnology have risen to the forefront of a wide range of research topics in recent decades. Nanomaterials in various forms (0D, 1D, 2D, 3D) and phases or nanosystems can be used in a wide range of applications, from biomedical to industrial engineering, thanks to these features. Furthermore, these resources frequently serve as an interdisciplinary link between many scientific and technological fields. Models and simulations combined, when accounting for the effects of numerous processes occurring at the nanoscale, tend to highlight unsolved challenges while permitting remarkable breakthroughs that drive forward the wide spectrum of nanostructured materials-based technologies. By addressing the blind spots of current empirical models, computational and mathematical modelling tools have shown promise as a promising strategy for broadening the horizon of nanomedicine.

Committee Members
Speaker at World Nanotechnology Conference 2024 - Paulo Cesar De Morais

Paulo Cesar De Morais

Catholic University of Brasilia, Brazil
Speaker at World Nanotechnology Conference 2024 - Hai Feng Ji

Hai Feng Ji

Drexel University, United States
Speaker at World Nanotechnology Conference 2024 - Thomas J Webster

Thomas J Webster

Hebei University of Technology, United States

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